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Compose your digital experiences with our visual tools

Streamline your content creation and editing process, and reduce dependencies on front-end developers to deliver engaging digital experiences faster.

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Your composable in-context editing and collaboration experience

Avoid Deployments for Small Visual Changes

Help you marketers upfront by giving them the power to make small adjustments themselves. Now you no longer need to do complicated customizations in the CMS to give editors control but instead have an easy-to-use framework to provide such flexibility. This leaves you with more time to focus on what's important.

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Your composable in-context editing and collaboration experience

Accelerate Your Time-to-Web

Optimize team efficiency, improve content quality, and enhance collaboration to deliver higher ROI on your marketing initiatives.

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Your composable in-context editing and collaboration experience
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Content Editing Section Designer Component Designer Release Management

Move faster

Finding the right content record to edit in your CMS, DAM or commerce can be challenging. Save time and reduce risk of errors with our content editing capabilities that offer inline editing or deep links that lead you straight to the live content in the underlying system.

Our tool also allows you to easily create new pages and content in your underlying systems so you can start content creation flows directly in your preview environment.

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Deep links and easy navigation to your Headless CMS or Content Providers

Be Creative with the Section Designer

Use our Section Designer to change the appearance of your pages and create visually stunning web experiences. With the freedom to choose from predefined layouts or build custom ones, you can achieve the perfect look and feel for any page on the site without the need for developer intervention. This is awesome for building landing pages that re-uses content blocks from the CMS that are displayed in different ways depending on what you want to convey on the individual pages.

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Edit Layout and Section of your site directly from your preview environment

Make your components look perfect

Each component on your page needs to be perfect. The Component Designer gives you the tools needed to make every component stand apart. And, the best part is you won't need to get a front-end developer to help you out.

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Edit your components look and feel from your preview environement

Release Management

Keeping track of which content elements and design changes were made for a certain release can be hard. We therefore offer you the ability to create releases where you can track changes and publishing everything with one click. You can also schedule the publishing of a release directly in our tool.

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Manage releases with ease using our release management solution


AI Companion Comments & Tasks Sign off

Tap into the power of AI with our AI companion

AI has matured to a point where it can be super helpful and save you a ton of time. We have tuned our AI companion to be a useful helper for you. Whether you need to take the next best action, get task list assistance or check your site is just right; the AI companion can be of help to you.

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AI companion with next-best-action suggestions

In-Context Collaboration

Enhance teamwork and communication with our Comments & Tasks feature. Collaborate seamlessly with team members by adding comments and assigning tasks directly on your web pages, ensuring context-driven discussions and quicker resolution of issues. Empower teams to work efficiently and achieve better results together.

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In-context comments and reviews from your preview site

Ensure the right approvals before going live

Making changes to your website often require approval or quality assurance by someone else in the organization. Our in-context collaboration experience makes it super easy to pass your work on to the approver whether this person is in your team or elsewhere in the organization.

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Sign off and approvals for your website


AI Powered Improvements Launchpad SEO & Accessbility Governance & Compliance

Optimize Your Content with AI

Leverage the power of AI to generate and improve your text and image content to deliver the optimal experience to your target audience. You can use widely adopted models like ChatGPT and Gemini but you can also bring your own models if you have trained models to better target your users.

Our tool offers a range of capabilities to send content for optimization, review the improved content and push these changes to your source systems.

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AI Powered Content Improvements

Quickly find your tools

Our launchpad allows you to create and organize links that your team frequently use when building, authoring and maintaining a website. It could be links to your analytics platform, dashboards, backlog systems, wireframes or anything else. Our platform makes these links easily available to everyone with a single click.

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Be efficient with the Launchpad

Enhance Visibility and Inclusivity with SEO & Accessibility

Amplify your content's performance and reach by effortlessly integrating with leading SEO and accessibility solutions. Harness the power of targeted keywords, optimized meta tags, and improved search engine rankings to elevate your online presence. At the same time, ensure your website meets the highest standards of inclusivity, creating an exceptional user experience for all audiences. Experience the true potential of a fully integrated, accessible website that not only drives visibility but fosters an inclusive digital environment.

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Seo and Accessibility score for your website

Maintain Content Integrity and Compliance

Uphold high content standards and adhere to regulatory requirements with our Governance & Compliance features. Ensure your content is consistent, and aligned with your organization's policies and guidelines.

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Goverance and compliance for your website

First Class Developer Experience

Start building your own stack now

Front-end frameworks Use your CSS Webhooks CLI Documentation

Works with any front-end

Seamlessly integrate our solution into your current website without the need to overhaul your existing site or adopt a new framework. Our lightweight solution is designed to be compatible with any front-end framework (React, Vue.js, Next.js, Nuxt, Svelte, Astro, Javascript...).
To get started, embed our script into your existing website, add data attributes to your components and sections, create and sync a Theme with our CLI and use our Runtime API to get fresh styles during your build process.

Extendable CSS Framework for Headless CMS

No CSS rewrite needed

Use your own CSS or use a framework like Tailwind, UIKit, Bootstrap, Bulma to define what a marketer can change on your site. We support any CSS framework!
Additionally, we offer a Layout System that you can integrate into your current CSS to accelerate the process of writing Layouts.

Extendable CSS Framework for Headless CMS

Stay Connected with Real-Time Webhook Notifications

Unleash the power of seamless connectivity by utilizing our webhook functionality. Keep your applications synchronized and automate processes, enabling an efficient, interconnected experience. With real-time updates, effortlessly trigger notifications in Slack, initiate deployment processes, or integrate with other vital services. Discover the possibilities of a truly connected development environment, enhancing productivity and adaptability.

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Webhooks for your website

Develop and automate using our Command-Line Interface

We understand the importance of managing your configurations alongside your code. Therefore, we offer CLIs that allow you to build Themes and automate in your preferred environment rather than updating through our admin panel every time.

Discover our CLI
CLI for developers

We provide the resources and support you need

At Perfection, we understand the importance of comprehensive support for developers. That's why we provide an extensive library of easy-to-navigate documentation, complete with practical examples on GitHub. Our consulting services teams are always ready to guide you through any challenges, ensuring your projects are completed successfully.

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Developer Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Perfection work with my existing tech stack?
Perfection is stack agnostic and easily integrates with your existing composable tech stack. We decorate your solution with our capabilities, so you don't need to change your stack. You simply need to extend your markup to make our tooling work with your existing stack.
Can I customize Perfection to fit my organization's needs?
Yes, Perfection is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor its layout features to your specific requirements. Perfection comes pre-loaded with a bunch of ready-made design options, but you can make your own as we know one size doesn't always fit.
How is Perfection different from other website editing tools?
Perfection is unique because it is non-intrusive, which means it doesn't take over the entire process of rendering the website and thereby create another monolith you are required to deploy your website through. It also doesn't affect your website's performance and it can be utilized on individual parts of your website through to whole pages depending on what your needs are. Perfection provides you with a set of powerful editing and collaboration tools that enable you to work efficiently with your team and create engaging website experiences. Our non-intrusive approach also means that you can start small with our tool and gradually go from enriching individual components on a page, to whole pages or even the entire website.
Can I try Perfection before buying?
Yes, we offer a free trial of Perfection, so you can try before you buy.
What kind of support do you offer?
We offer a range of support options, including email support, phone support and access to our extensive knowledge base and documentation. In addition, we offer consulting services whether you need help with your overall composable implementation or individual projects.
Is my data safe with Perfection?
Yes, we take data security seriously, and we use industry-standard encryption and security protocols to protect your data.
Is Perfection suitable for non-technical users?
Absolutely! Perfection is built with the busy business user in mind. Its features include an intuitive user interface and user-friendly tools designed around the way many teams collaborate on their websites. Non-technical users can create, edit and manage content without relying on front-end developers to be part of the process.